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CLP Labels for Wax Melts!

Hiya guys, so - I’m going to show you how to do your CLP label for your wax melts.

This video is going to be a little different as it’s not my label I’m working from. Wait - let me explain.

So - because I’m doing my new range of candles and branding, for the first few months I’m focusing on candles before I start doing wax melts. I’ve got the packaging and everything sorted but they’ll be added later, so I’ve not done the CLP Labels for them yet. BUT I have found the CLP label that I’m going to be ‘basically copying’. LOL.

My Mum and I were looking for wax melts everywhere that had a really decent CLP label - you'll be surprised at how many don’t. And my mum found this one. It’s from B & M of all places and I think it’s great. It has some new little bits on there too that I really like.

So let’s go through it.

So like normal - it’s got the product identifier - Blackberry and Bay.

Some information I like, that introduces the wax melts and how to use them. We then have our trigger signal word - WARNING. Then some more information about the handling of the wax melts. ‘Retain this information for future reference’.

Then our hazardous allergens. That you find on your fragrances from your supplier. They should have CLP info for 10% 5% 15% if they haven’t - email them and get this info.

Then we have our cautionary statements and you find these either on the CLP info that your supplier has given you or you can find them in your SDS sheet.

Then you need your CLP red warning signs. Again you’ll find this info in your SDS sheet or CLP info. Please check the warning symbols and cautionary phrases because sometimes some of them differ.

They have the address and phone number at the bottom of the label. The generic yellow warning sign. Lasts up to 6-8 hours. And then the weight in g. That's the weight of wax. And they’ve actually split the wax melts up for that.

The other thing I really like is this little wax burner diagram, I think that’s a nice touch as well.

REMEMBER/ This label had the main 3 MANDATORY pictograms signs written down, 1. Keep away from children and pets. 2. Keep away from things that catch fire 3. Never leave unattended. I will also be adding the compulsory pictograms by icon. You can find these on the British Candle Federation website.

Because they have hazardous ingredients the CLP label needs to be 74mm x 52mm. As you can see this one is pretty big and surpasses that. And the pictograms are 1cm in size.

I hope that has helped you out and like I said this is one I’ll be working from when I design my own labels.

Thanks, Stacey xxx

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