10 Huge Money-Making Candle Business Ideas!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Today I want to talk through some different candle ideas and concepts you can do if you're starting a candle business. You want your candles to be unique and different. The worst thing you could do is do the same thing everyone else is doing.

Let's just jump right in.

1. Slogan candles. I started with these and sold quite a few. Obviously the candle needs to smell great but what people are really buying into with these candles is the quotes and the style of label. I got quotes off pinterest that suited me and then came up with my own design using the phone app 'over' that really helps with ALL your design aspects of selling your candles - so I definitely advise that app. I think I like these quote candles when theyre just on a block colour containers. Black/white I think personally looks best with the slogan candles.

- Tip though if you're selling to stores with these candles and wholesaling them - create your own quotes. MUCH BETTER. Plus getting involved with copyright and that - not the best thing in the world. So make sure your designs are your own. If you're selling on etsy or direct sale which I was - the quotes are more lenient with CR. But To be honest, if I was to do this concept again. I'd just create my own.

2. BURN and POUR candles. I absolutely adored these candles that I made and I got great feedback from these. You could do all different scents. I based mine around, air, water, fire and earth. The idea is you burn the candle for 5 minutes usually in the bath and then pour onto your skin. The recipe is filled with cocoa butter and shea butter/ coconut oil so it never gets too hot on the skin when you're pouring.

The only thing with these candles is you have to get your recipe checked professionally if you want to wholesale them. Not just selling on etsy. Which usually costs around 70 quid and because I wasn't totally invested in just these candles, it was easier to drop them. But if these were your whole range. That's completely different. These got great attention on handmade sites, so definitely thumbs up to this idea.

3. Using history. Now this one's a little bit more unique. I had an idea to incorporate the scents of the past in a range of candles. I used the Victorian era, the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. I found the perfume the women would wear and made it into a candle. Then put a little card in it with a picture, that explained what perfume these women of the past would have used. Great idea. People liked it.

4. Beach themed/free spirit candles. A sophisticated amber glass jar, a modern label. Scents like - sea salt and sage one of my absolute favorites. Wild flowers. Cedar-wood. They were really nice. If I did them again, I'd go to town on the beach theme. 'Beach bum' 'Seashell' 'Coast'. I think they'd do well.

5. Strong Women - I couldn't get round copyright with this idea but maybe one of you guys can. Or at least to sell on etsy if not direct sale on a website. I wanted to choose popular, strong women and do a candle inspired by their perfume. Meghan Markle. Marilyn Monroe. etc. Strong women of the past and future. LIke - a women's empowerment candle. BUT you can't use their names on the candle. But it's a nice idea.

6. Poem candles. This was one of mine that I had for Christmas time. It was only a draft but it's a good idea , especially for a craft stall or on etsy. I think they'd do well, especially if they were colored in appropriate colors. Pumpkin - orange etc.

"The rain hammers against the glass. A Pillow you hold tight.

A cosy glow, a smell you know. Pumpkin smells just right.' - Pumpkin Spice Fragrance.

7. 1 word candles. With a theme. I went for a clear glass. white wax. Wooden top. Simple label. Bake - Pumpkin pie. Tip - pumpkin sells really well. Melt - white chocolate and candied fig. Toast - Wood fire and marshmallow. They'd work really well for Christmas too.

8. Mental health candles with crystals. These were lovely. Would work really well on craft sites or craft stores. I did 3 - one to help the mind - heart - soul. And tied the appropriate crystal on a necklace around the top of the candle. You could put a little card in there to, explaining about the crystal and the scent and how it can aid in relaxation.

9. Mediation candles. I chose - rebel relaxation - maverick meditation and yippie yoga. Find scents that help with those things, choose an awesome glass and a cool label and you're onto a winner. Again I just didn't invest in one of these ideas from the start but they could work as a whole range for any candle business. It's whatever speaks to you as a creator.

10. Plant pot candles. I loved this idea. But there are a few competitors with this one. But especially for a craft stall you'd clear up in my opinion. Really nice - different planters and put the popular candles scents in them. Once they're finished with the candle they can use it as a plant pot - no waste which I love - great for the environment. I liked the website - gainsborough giftware - really nice pots that could work.

That's my ten ideas for a candle business. Hopefully some of these might inspire you to create your own candles. I repeat you can and should use any of these ideas or names or anything. I'm not using them, obviously - so it's completely fine. I just hope this helps.

Thank you for reading xxx

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