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Huge Money-Making Candle Business Secret!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

So - Today I’m going to give you a life-changing, awesome idea - ok I’m overselling it slightly. But in all seriousness it could change how you go about your candle business.

You might be thinking why would I be telling you this fantastic secret well there’s not enough people that tell you the things that work. And there are enough customers for us all to go around. SO I’ll always tell you the ideas and things I’m successful with to help you guys out too. We can all benefit.

Right - My idea - is private labeling. Some of you might know it by white labeling. And what this is - is when you make a candle without any form of your own brand and sell it to another company to put their brand on it as if they created it.

Now - I know that sounds like it sucks but it really doesn’t once you get used to the idea. And I’m going to tell you why.

When I was starting off last time with my previous brand of candles - this was one of the first things that I did. Whilst I was building up the sales on my own website with my own branded candles I wanted another line of potential income. So I already had my own candle jars with my labels on, they were on my website and they were selling. This is not that. I used a clear glass, 300 ml candle jar and it cost me about 55p. I then had my wax, wick and fragrance oil and that’s all I needed in order to sell these candles as a white label/private label product.

I then contacted local stores first and then I branched out into the city a little bit. I did this all by email, so simple. I emailed craft stores, stores that had my aesthetic, boutiques, really pretty shops with cafes, garden centers - all sorts. I sent out initially about 30 emails to different people and I got back roughly 22 emails. Which is insane compared to the email that I was sending out about my own branded candles for them to become a stockist. So you get a lot of feedback back doing it this particular way. And what I seemed to find out was that - the stores were ALOT more - easy to contact - I suppose with ‘me trying to sell them something they could use to ‘big up’ their brand.

I sent samples of the 90ml candle jars to these shops so they knew what kind of standard my candles were. They did not pay for these it was an expense I was willing to risk in order to potentially gain a client. It cost me about a quid to send them a sample including shipping.

And the price I came down to was - a shop would buy my candle for £4.65 each. I made £2.65 a candle. Bearing in mind that I didn’t need to faff around with labels or boxes, the only box you need is a big cardboard box in order to send your candles off and a bit of packaging to keep them safe. Keep in mind if you go down the private label route you can get orders of up to 200 and over for your candles in some stores so just make sure you have the means to do that.

SO - these stores could sell my candles for anywhere from £15-£25 usually and I have no say in that. Once it leaves my kitchen, it’s their property to do whatever they want with.

Which I know - some of you will think is crap because they could be making at least a tenner from each candle. But that’s fine. Because it won’t just be the one client that wants candles for their store. It opens more doors doing it this way, especially at first before your names out there properly.

And if said client wanted 200 candles from you - that’s £530 profit. And it’s easy money cause all your doing is messing around with a jar, wax, wick and fragrance oil.

So I emailed these potential clients. Just in-case any of you want the template of the email I sent out. It went something like this -

Hello, my name is Stacey Murphy. I am currently hand making 100% soy wax, vegan, cruelty free 300 ml candles. Scented with premium fragrance oils.

I am writing to ask you would you ever consider selling candles as a white label product? And if so if you would be interested in receiving a sample?

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

AND THAT’S IT. The only thing I wish I would have done was go into local shops as well because I’m always better face to face. I got great feedback from stores. Then coronavirus hit and everything as you know just kind of halted and in lock-down I came up with my new brand @mothernaked - BUT this idea is still golden.

And I know it works. You could even put on your own website or etsy store that you are available for private labeling candles if you don’t want to be active in searching for clients.

But either way it’s a great idea and I thought I’d share it with you,

Hopefully it’s helped some of you guys out. Thank you for listening xxx

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